10 Best Horror Movies That Are Actually Scary

Click to see 10 horror movies that are actually scary. You won’t find no Hocus Pocus or Chucky on this list.

Well—October 2018 is officially flying by and is nearly Halloween, a very special day of the year for horror fans. And in the days leading up to this spooky celebration, we binge-watch as many scary movies as we possibly can to get us in creepy the spirit.

However, given that we are fans of the obscure and the chilling, we often have a hard time finding a movie that actually scares the living hell out of us. Because Chucky really is just a Child’s Play.

With Halloween creeping around the corner, here’s our guide to the 10 best horror movies that are actually scary. This list will give you goosebumps that will stay with you until October next year!


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