10 Celebrities Who Don’t Look Hot Without A Beard

A full list of celebrities who don’t look hot without a beard. God bless their furry faces!

Have you ever seen that ridiculous “take her swimming on the first date” meme? An attack on makeup wearer everywhere. How about bring your guy a razor on the first date? Because, let’s face it—beards are to guys what lipstick and mascara are to women.

Beards are the ultimate form of makeup. Beards will drastically change the way a man looks. Beards contour and/or hide imperfections better than any makeup could. Beards have the power to take a guy from puffy teenager on his way to junior prom to every girl’s lumberjack fantasy.

And here’s your proof.

In honor of National No Beard Day, here are 10 celebrities who don’t look hot without a beard. Shave that facial hair off and even Idris Elba goes from irresistible hunk to simply attractive. And that’ saying A LOT.


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