10 Iconic Roles That Were ALMOST Played by Other Celebrities

Rachel Green made Jennifer Aniston a household name. Forrest Gump earned Tom Hanks his second Oscar. But those are only some of the many iconic roles that were almost played by other celebrities.

Jennifer Aniston was catapulted into stardom thanks to her part on the beloved show Friends. But the actress was almost overlooked for another well-known 90’s star, Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen.

Thiessen, who was at the time famous for her role as Kelly Kapowski in the teen comedy, almost played the iconic role, as she recently revealed in an interview. Fortunately for Aniston, then 20, missed out because she was considered too young for the role.

Much like Rachel Green, there are many other popular shows and movies that became widely successful thanks to the credit of the cast. So what would’ve happened to the Indiana Jones franchise without Harrison Ford? What would’ve been of Titanic without Kate Winslet? Would we still call Derek Shepherd “Dr. McDreamy” if it wasn’t for Patrick Dempsey?

Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 iconic roles that were almost played by other celebrities. It’s hard to imagine our favorite character being played by someone else!


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