10 Overlooked Celebrities With More Famous Siblings

Imagine busting your butt to make a name for yourself in Hollywood only to have your baby sister come and steal your thunder by becoming a worldwide pop sensation. These celebrities with more famous siblings can relate.

Some A-listers have managed to live up to the fame of their siblings (like our favorite Franco brother, Dave, or Beyoncé’s equally amazing sister Solange Knowles). But there are some celebrities with more famous siblings that are either still climbing the ranks or simply have resigned to live in the shadow of their notorious brothers and sisters.

No, they are not unknown. They are just overlooked. Because there really isn’t much you can do to outdo your sister when she’s already played the swinging-from-a-wrecking-ball-while-naked card.

In honor of Emily Deschanel’s 42nd birthday, one of the many disregarded stars, here is and unfortunate list of 10 celebrities with more famous siblings. We’ve already come to terms with the fact that we’ll never be as famous as certain celebrities—and so have their sibs.


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