10 Reasons Why Our Dream Boyfriend Zac Efron Is Perfect

Zac Efron is perfect. You know it, we know it, he knows it.

Since he was born October 18, 1987, Zac Efron has been slowly but surely transforming into the epitome of the perfect man that we all know and love today. And we aren’t just talking about his handsome face and divine body.

Good looks aside (did we really just say that?), there are plenty of other reasons why we’ve been obsessing over Zac Efron for the past 12 years, ever since we first saw him as the charming Troy Bolton in High School Musical. And let’s just say that cute young boy grew up to be the man of our dreams.

In honor of his 31st birthday, here are 10 reasons why Zac Efron is perfect. It was difficult to narrow it down, but here they are. Get’cha head in the game and click through our photo gallery above to see why we love Zac so much.


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