10 Reasons Why You Should Follow Susan Sarandon On Instagram ASAP!

Susan Sarandon on Instagram is what all grandmas on Facebook should aim to become.

Susan Sarandon is celebrating her 72nd birthday. But don’t be fool by the candles on her cake! She’s not only attested woman can still be sexy after the 70-year-old mark. This Hollywood legend has also proven that social media is also for the elderly!

And we’re not talking about your grandma’s cheesy Facebook posts. Or Anthony Hopkins’ bizarre selfie video on Twitter, for that matter. No. We’re talking about true fashion inspiration, star-studded selfies, epic throwback pictures, and, staying true to Susan’s character, some good ol’ political and social activism.

Oh! And cute doggies—because, you know, Instagram.

If you’re not yet following Susan Sarandon on Instagram, you’re missing out on all the wisdom and overall awesomeness that come with nearly 50 years of career. And, the luckily for us, the actress is willing to share it all, day to day, with her over 1 million followers!

In honor of her birthday, here are 10 reasons why you should follow Susan Sarandon on Instagram ASAP. Let’s just say her amazing selfies aren’t the coolest thing on her page.


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