11 Ways Maddie Ziegler’s Life Is Way Better Than Yours

Maddie Ziegler’s life will remind you of all the things yours is lacking.

While most 16-year-olds are busy getting their driver’s license, failing their algebra midterm, crying over their first love, and pretty much just being wreckless, Maddie Ziegler is already living the life most adults can only dream of having.

A successful dancer, a best-seller writer, a beloved celebrity, and, of course, Sia’s ultimate muse. Maddie Ziegler’s life truly is every teenager’s dream. Of course, her success hasn’t come without a price. But the youngster’s hard work is already paying off.

For starters, Maddie is now driving a $33,000 Audi Q3, her very first car, gifted by her mentor and friend Sia. But her luxury car is just one among the many, many things that make us jealous inspire us from Maddie Ziegler.

Click through our photo gallery above to see 11 ways Maddie Ziegler’s life is way better than yours. Her fame, fortune, and overall success truly make us want to swing from the nearest chandelier.


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