A Complete List Of All The Internet’s Boyfriends In 2018 Thus Far

Wondering why your Twitter and Instagram feeds are constantly swamped with pictures of Noah Centineo, Michael B. Jordan, and Ryan Gosling? Because they are the internet’s boyfriends—meaning we’re all in love with them and have to profess our devotion through social media.

Our harmless attraction started with their work—whether it is a TV show, a movie, or music. But then it grew from there into utter obsession, finding expression in GIFs, quotes, and photos. Hence the endless “Hey girl” memes and cereal vines.

Whether you’re single or simply disappointed in real-life men, you can still celebrate National Boyfriend Day thanks to our online man crushes. Because what your ex lacks in basic human decency, the internet’s boyfriends make up in perfection.

Click through our photo gallery above to see a full list of all the all the internet’s boyfriends and the how they managed to conquer our millennial hearts in 2018. These men might be famous, but their omnipresence on social media makes them feel close to us.


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