A Countdown of Kim Kardashian’s Biggest Feuds Over The Years

It’s Kim Kardashian’s birthday! And while her star-studded family, friends and fans will be showering the reality-tv star with messages of love on her special day, there are other that probably won’t be sending Kim Kardashian their best wishes.

Being as controversial as she is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Kim has had beef with a handful of celebrities. Whether it is for her racy pictures or someone is messing with her famously infamous clan, there’s more than one star who is on less than friendly terms with Kim K.

Sure, sometimes Mrs. West manages to stay above all the drama. But with all the hate coming her way on a daily, there are times when Kim simply has the urge to epically clap back at her haters—you know, just to unwind.

In honor of her 38th birthday, here’s a countdown of Kim Kardashian’s biggest feuds over the years. Who knows which new celebrities will ruffle Kimmy’s sexy feathers this upcoming year!


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