Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Broke Up But Nobody Is Shocked

In a very-much-expected turn of events, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have broken up. And while fans of the couple are upset to hear Grandson is no more, no one is actually surprised. Disenchanted? Sure. Saddened? Understandably. Shocked? Not one bit.

Yes, they were going to be married. Yes, they had already moved in together. Yes, they got a bunch of tattoos together. Yes, he gifted her his late dad’s medal. However, a breakup is bound to be expected when you skip the dating part and go right to engagement.

So it comes as no surprise that, unlike other celebrity breakups, Twitter is not-at-all devastated at the news that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up. Because, honestly, we’ve been mentally preparing ourselves for this moment since they first confirmed their relationships just days after breaking up with Mac Miller and Cazzie David, respectively.

Their rebound was fast, but so was their break up. And we all saw it coming.

Click through our photo gallery above to see the best reactions to the news that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up. Wonder if this two will move on to their next relationships any time soon… again.


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