Pete Davidson and 8 Celebrities Who Regret Getting Tattoos Of Their Now-Exes

After all those days spent on the sofa watching Tattoo Fixer, you’d think people would know better than getting inks of their partner’s names (who then become exes). But no. People KEEP getting couples tattoos.

And one of those persons who apparently didn’t get the memo on how terrible the idea of couple tattoos are is Pete Davidson, who shortly after confirming his relationship with Ariana went on and got her iconic Dangerous Woman bunny mask stamped behind his ear. Yes, yes—very romantic. The problem? That ink lasted as little as their whirlwind relationship because the SNL comedian has now had it covered up following their unexpected (?) breakup.

So if you’re still flirting with the idea of getting inked on behalf of your partner (and, mind you, potential ex), why don’t you click through our photo gallery above to see 10 celebrities who regret ever getting tattoos inspired on their former lovers. Relationships don’t always last forever, but relationship ink sure does.


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