Who Is Charlie McDowell? 7 Things You Should Know About Emilia Clarke’s New Boyfriend

Who is Charlie McDowell? And, more importantly, can he live up to Khal Drogo?

Emilia Clarke may have a new boyfriend—and he’s in now way his relative (we see you, Jon Snow). The Game of Thrones star is dating esteemed director Charlie McDowell. Or at least that’s what their Instagram posts seem to be indicating.

In celebration of her 32nd birthday, Emilia posted a photo of her shadow being hugged by a *mysterious* man. “Well, that’s a birthday I won’t be forgetting in a while,” she captioned the photo. A few hours later, Charlie posted the exact same photo, writing “Happy birthday, E.”

Coincidence? We don’t think so!

Though Charlie is low-ley famous (emphasis on the low-key), this probably is the first time you’ve ever hear of the guy. But, quite frankly, we’re really curious to learn about the one man who is willing to try and fill Khal Drogo’s shoes (or shall we say his loincloth?).

So who is Charlie McDowell? Much more than just Emilia Clarke’s boyfriend! Click through our photo gallery above to learn everything there’s to know about Khaleesie’s new beau.


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