10 Reasons To Love Adam Driver

Here are only 10 of the many, many reasons to love Adam Driver.

Why would we want the typical Hollywood heartthrob every other girl has her eye on when there’s the unconventionally dreamy Adam Driver? Sure—he isn’t not like Brad Pitt’s in your face kind of handsome. But the man behind Kylo Ren’s mask has that je ne sais quoi that outdoes even the most defined abs.

Perhaps it is his tall, dark and sexy aura. Or his his perfect baritone voice. Maybe it is the fact that he is prestigious actor with nothing but the best of his career ahead of him. Or possibly the fact that he plays a force thirsty, temper-tantrum-throwing villain who wants nothing more than to be as powerful as grandpa Vader.

In honor of his 35th birthday, here are 10 reasons to love Adam Driver. Click through to see why the actor is one of our favorite persons at the moment.


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