12 Things Hailey Bieber Will Be Saying “Thank You” For This Thanksgiving

2018 has been quite a year for Hailey Bieber. And she feels so blessed. so moved. so grateful. She’s never going to take it for granted.

If there’s someone who’s really into the appreciative spirit that is the newly minted Hailey Bieber. Not only is she celebrating her 22nd birthday today, but she’ll also be spending her very first Thanksgiving as Mrs. Bieber, alongside her flamboyant new husband Justin. So there’s clearly a lot that this “it girl” feels grateful for.

From being at the peek of her modeling career to diving into new businesses and, obviously, (re)finding the lover of her life, Hailey Bieber will probably take a long time saying her thanks before stuffing her face with a perfectly roasted turkey and a sweet pumpkin pie.

Or perhaps just a side of steamed veggies because, you know, modeling.

In honor of her birthday and everyone’s favorite holiday, here are 12 things Hailey Bieber will be saying “thank you” for this Thanksgiving. Being incredibly beautiful is an every-year thing for Hailey, so that one’s a given.


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