17 Pictures That Prove Kaley Cuoco’s Love For Animals Knows No Boundaries

Kaley Cuoco’s love for animals is nearly as big as our love for her.

It’s Kaley Cuoco’s birthday! And something tells us the actress will be spending her special day surrounded by her husband, Karl Cook, family, and friends furry friends.

Anyone who follows this Big Bang Theory starlet on social media knows that Kaley Cuoco loves animals. Along with her tirelessly work to advocate against animal cruelty, overpopulation, and species extinction, her endless pictures with her horses, dogs, bunnies, and other cute creatures are proof of Kaley’s fierce—pun intended—love for animals.

In honor of her 33rd birthday, let’s celebrate Kaley Cuoco in the most Kaley Cuoco way: with a bunch of adorable pictures of her happy life with her large brood of four-legged creatures. Click through and see by yourself how Kaley Cuoco’s love for animals knows no boundaries!


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