David Schwimmer’s Best Roles Other Than Ross From “Friends”

SPOILER ALERT: None of David Schwimmer’s best roles after “Friends” include dinosaurs, stolen sandwiches, unagi, or excessive hair product.

When Friends ended in 2004, David Schwimmer seemed to fall off the face of the Earth. Perhaps because he was hiding himself after playing one of the most disliked character in TV history—or in Friends at least.

Whether you loved him or hate it, there’s no denying that Ross Geller was the highest point of the actor’s career. However, he’s been slowly but surely making his way back in front of the cameras. So, yeah, one could say David Schwimmer is no longer “on a break” …

From playing Kim Kardashian’s daddy to voicing an anxious giraffe, here are David Schwimmer’s best roles other than, ya know, Friends. Not quite as iconic as Ross Geller, but still worth the mention.


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