Who Is Peter Kraus? 12 Things You Should Know About Nikki Bella’s Potentially New Man

Who is Peter Kraus? Personal trainer, runner up in season 13 of The Bachelorette, and perhaps you could soon add Nikki Bella’s new man to that list!

Nikki and John Cena’s storybook romance is beyond over. Or at least that’s what it looks like the teaser video for season 4 of Total Bellas, where half of the famous wrestling twins goes out on a date.

At Brie Bella’s insistence, Nikki agrees to go out who know about dating on camera—The Bachelor’s Peter Kraus. And though Nikki said she doesn’t know is she is ready for a new relationship yet, the two looked like they were having a good enough time on their little boat ride. So much that Peter made his move and lean in for a kiss!

Will Nikki Bella accept this rose?!

While we wait for the upcoming new season of Total Bellas to find out whether or not Nikki will continue to date his fellow reality star, why don’t we get to know him a little better? Who is Peter Kraus? Click through to learn everything there’s to know about John Cena’s possible replacement.


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