10 Reasons Why Jane Fonda Is The Coolest 81-Year-Old On Instagram

Cheesy posts, inappropriate comments, and overall cringe-worthy posts—that’s the epitome of grandam’s on social media (if they even are on them, that is!). But the beautiful Jane Fonda isn’t your regular 81-year-old.

This Hollywood legend is not only a beloved iconic actress and one of the best dressed women on every red carpet. Jane Fonda also is an Instagram badass—which has been pretty well acknowledge with her epic posts since she joined the platform just a little over one year ago.

One look at her Instagram account and you’ll see there’s probably no one more deserving of the title “young at heart” than the amazing Jane!

In celebration of her birthday, here are 10 reasons why Jane Fonda is the coolest 81-year-old you’ll ever find on Instagram. Click through our photo gallery above to see how she’s ruling the social media world one relatable picture at a time.


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