10 Brunette Celebrities Who Are Secretly Blonde

Prepare to learn their best hidden secret.  Click to see 10 brunette celebrities who are secretly blonde.

Our favorite redhead has gone brunette! Emma Stone made headlines when she a new darker do at the 2019 Producers Guild Awards. The Maniac actress traded her signature, auburn locks for a much darker shade, which she styled back into a messy low bow, with wavy pieces framing her face.

However, as shocking as her transformation may be, this is not the first time Em has played with her hair color. In fact, her (now gone) iconic red locks are the work of a talented—and probably very pricey—hairstylist.

Despite cementing herself as one of Hollywood’s favorite gingers, back in 2012, Stoner revealed to Vogue UK that she was born blonde—just as many other stars who refuse to be another blonde bombshell.

From Angelina Jolie to Mandy Moore to the new dark-haired Emma Stone, here’s a list of 10 brunette celebrities who are secretly blonde.  Click through our photo gallery above to see that blondes do have more fun—when they go brunette!


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