10 Celebrities Who Have Dated SNL Stars and Crew Members

Saturday Night Live produces as many laughs as it does couples. Keep reading to learn all about the celebrities who have dated SNL stars (that we know of, at least!).

When you are a Hollywood super star dating apps are out of the question. First, because it’ll be terribly dangerous, because, you know, creepers, and second and foremost, because one look at your picture and everyone will think you’re catfishing them.

So what do you do when you can’t Tinder? You host Saturday Night Live.

Just a few days ago, Emma Stone and SNL director Dave McCay made their unofficial couple debut when they attended a basketball game together earlier this month. But this isn’t the first time a celebrity has fallen for a SNL cast or crew member. In fact, SNL has proven to be quite the matchmaker for A-listers proving that love really does find its way to the heart through laughter.

From the ones who have lasted to the ones that have been thank u, next-ed, here’s a comprehensive list of all the relationships that started through Saturday Night Live. Check out our photo gallery above to see all the celebrities who have dated SNL stars.

Because Saturday Night Live is not only a comedy show. It is also a dating factory.


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