10 Reasons Why ‘The Princess Diaries’ Is A Very Important Film

In the nearly two decades since we first sat down to watch Anne Hathaway match up against Julie Andrews—em, epic!—, we’ve probably seen The Princess Diaries (but not the second one, we must never speak of that) at least a million time. Roughly.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that self-proclaimed Genovians are losing their collective minds over the news that there’s a finished and ready-to-go script for The Princess Diaries 3. Julie Andrews and all included.

However, as much as we’d love for Anne Hathaway to, once again, get to play the princess, nay, queen we all know she is, that isn’t the only reason why we are excited about this long-awaited reboot.

Gowns and tiaras and Michaels aside, The Princess Diaries is a movie that, despite being the epitome of a teen flick, it taught young girls all over the world valuable lessons about true beauty and self-love. And it also catapulted Anne Hathaway’s career in the process. So there’s that.

As we wait for more deets on the development of The Princess Diaries 3, here are 10 things that make our favorite modern princess story a very important film even now in adulthood. SHUT UP AND LISTEN keep reading.


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