15 New Year’s Resolutions Inspired By Your Favorite Celebrities

Before we officially close the door on 2018, there’s one last thing to take care of: your New Year’s resolutions. And these celebrities are already serving up major inspo for 2019!

To some, the New Year’s resolutions are a fun way to improve their lives in tangible ways over the course of 12 short months. But since most of us just make them, break them, and thrown them away quicker than a rotting Christmas tree, we figure you (and us) could use some motivation from the stars to actually try to follow through our goals for once!

From exercising to working on our mental health to taking care of our finances, here are 15 habits you should pick up from your favorite celebrities in 2019. They are rich, beautiful, and admired. Who better to teach you how to improve the things you do on your day-to-day life?!


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