Beyoncé Shops At Target (AGAIN!) And Twitter Loves A Relatable Queen

Colorful houseware, strikingly visual desk supplies, racks of cutesy swimwear, groceries. Thy have a good mix of products that appeal everyone—including living legends. Perhaps that’s why even Beyoncé shops at Target.

Earlier this week the Queen B was snapped shopping at Target like any of us peasants would do—only that she looked unmistakably like the singing superstar that she is as her cart was being pushed behind her. Because of course Beyoncé doesn’t push her own trolley.

And given that Mrs. Carter rarely gives interviews and is almost never seen in public, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the photos of Beyoncé doing an unbelievably normal human thing sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Click through our photo gallery above to see how the BeyHive flooded social media with reactions to the news that Beyoncé shops at Target. And, I mean, who can blame her? Target has good sales.


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