John Travolta and 20 Hot Bald Celebrities Who Prove Hair Is Seriously Overrated

Though he’s never openly admitted it, we can only assume John Travolta’s path to baldness was aided by science, because most human beings don’t lose hair and then just miraculously grow it back. However, it seems like the Hollywood star is now ready to join the ranks of hot bald celebrities.

The actor proved a mane of hair isn’t necessarily a John Travolta essential when he posted a picture with his teenage daughter Ella sporting a bare scalp and a healthy fuzz of facial hair.

But the man behind Danny Zuko isn’t the first to toss out his precious comb. In fact, many male stars have learned that if your hair runs out on you, to just let it go. And perhaps it’s that confidence what makes these mane-less A-listers so irresistible.

From Dwayne Johnson to Bruce Willis to the newly-hairless John Travolta, here are 20 hot bald celebrities who prove hair is seriously overrated. Click through our photo gallery above to find the inspiration you need to get rid of that toupee.


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