Justin Timberlake’s Girlfriends: 10 Celebrities Who Rocked His Body

Ain’t nobody loved you like they loved you, Justin! Click through to see a complete list of Justin Timberlake’s girlfriends and hook ups!

With an abundance of good looks and talents, Justin Timberlake became a heartthrob to millions of women of all ages all over the world. Including a handful of celebrities! The multi-awarded singer and dancer grew into being a sex symbol that not even famed women can resist.

From big-time movie actresses to a few fellow singers, a handful of women were lucky enough to rock Justin’s body before he settled down with Jessica Biel. In honor of his 38th birthday, here’s a complete list of Justin Timberlake’s girlfriends.

Excuse us while we cry a river over the fact we aren’t one of them.


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