Who Has Wilmer Valderrama Dated? A Complete List Of His 12 Ex-Girlfriends

Who has Wilmer Valderrama dated? His high-profile relationship with Demi is just the tip of the iceberg…

Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama unexpectedly ended their long-term relationship in 2016. And though nearly 3 years later we’re still sorry (not sorry) that this two couldn’t stay together, something tells us Wilmer Valderrama has completely overcome their split.

Why, you ask? Because the actor is somewhat experienced in the breakup department.

Even when he first entered our lives as Fez on That 70’s Show he was totally lady killer. Now at 39, being attractive and successful, Wilmer Valderrama still has what it takes to attract some of the industry’s most desirable women.

However, it seems like he hasn’t quite figured out how to make his relationships last.

Throughout his career, the actor has been linked to many famous women (most way younger than him). So who has Wilmer Valderrama dated? Click through to see the birthday boy’s detailed dating history.


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