10 of Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Friends Who Will Most Likely Attend Her Wedding

Jennifer Lawrence’s best friends will make her wedding a pop culture lover’s dream come true.

We’re happy she’s finally found love. But the main reason we’re thrilled Jennifer Lawrence is getting married is because her famous BFFs will all be gathered in the same room.

Details about her relationship with Cooke Maroney are few and far between. So it comes as no surprises that little is known about their wedding plans. However, if there’s anything certain is that Jennifer Lawrence circle of friends—which, by the way, is far better than any of ours—will be in attendance to the special occasion.

From her sister from another mister Amy Schumer to her former lover Liam Hemsworth, it’s hard to imagine a wedding where Jennifer Lawrence’s best friends wouldn’t be involved. Click through our photo gallery above to see all the stars that will most likely see her walk down the aisle.


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