7 Fun Facts About Choupette, Karl Lagerfelds’ Cat

Not everyone is happy that Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, is inheriting a good slice of the late designer’s $273 million fortune. Yes—it is absolutely appalling to leave money to a cat while the damned world discusses food security and climate change and wars and hunger and poverty. But Choupette’s cuteness is well worth the splurge!

In case you didn’t know, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat lives a “rich girl” lifestyle, consisting of bodyguards, personal maids, on-call veterinarian, and the occasional mix of king crab, smoked salmon, and caviar. So, to be fair, Choupette does need the money if she wants to keep up with her lavish existence.

But what else should we know about Choupette Lagerfeld aside from the fact that she is the late designer’s heiress? Click through our photo gallery above to learn 7 facts about the most beloved cat in the fashion industry.


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