A Friend Like Him: 10 Reasons Why We Love Genie

We’d use all three wishes to make blue Will Smith go back to his lamp. And, ironically, that’s because we love Genie. Not the creepy, overly CGI-ed cobalt creature in the new Aladdin live-action film, but the original, 1992, iconic Robin William’s Genie.

Aladdin could’ve easily been a standard movie about an underdog hero with a beautiful crush who got swept up into the villain’s schemes. However, as soon as this blue goofball exploded onto the scene, suddenly we were watching a film in which anything could happen thanks to Genie’s cosmic powers and the cleverness of his mind.

So, sorry, Will Smith, but you’ve got some pretty big shoes gold slippers to fill. And, honestly, we don’t think your Genie is that powerful. Click through our photo gallery above to see all the reasons why we love Genie—original Genie.


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