A Love Is Born: 10 Pictures That Prove Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper Should Be Together

Now that the highly anticipated (for all the wrong reasons) Oscars are finally over, it feels as if we were entering the summer break after tons of homework and endless tests. So we’re ready to close our text books and enjoy our time-off from Hollywood. However, we’re not ready to farewell the absolute best part of awards season: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Ever since A Star Is Born, people have enthusiastically shipped the idea of the singer-turned actress and the Oscar-nominee getting together, despite both already being in serious relationships.

And though *SPOILERS ALERT* Jackson Maine and Ally’s is a story of doomed love, in real life, it seems as if Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper share an unbreakable and truly enviable bond that they simply can’t hide from the cameras.

Click through our photo gallery above to see 10 pictures that prove Lady Gaga and Bradly Cooper should be together—with all due respect to Irina Shayk, who, let’s be real, deserves an Oscar for not storming the stage and choking someone out after that intimate Oscars performance.


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