Glenn Close and 10 Other Celebrities Who Still Don’t Have an Oscar

Just like there are many movies people assume won Best Picture, there are plenty of Hollywood celebrities who still don’t have an Oscar, despite popular belief.

There’s a long list of actors, directors, and more who you probably think have one of the coveted statuettes, but don’t. Some of them have been nominated dozens of time. Some of them are the stars of the most films in history. Some of them are utter Hollywood icons. But the one thing they all have in common is that they’ve never been awarded with the biggest prize in the industry.

As we try to wash off the bitter taste that Glenn Close’ seventh lose left in our mouths, let’s look at 10 of Hollywood’s finest celebrities who still don’t have an Oscar. At least Leonardo DiCaprio’s win for ‘The Revenant’ gives these stars high hopes for their future with the Academy.


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