Looking For Her Lobster: A Full List Of Jennifer Aniston’s Famous Exes

She’s celebrating her 50th birthday and still hasn’t found her lobster. However, this list of Jennifer Aniston’s famous exes proves that although marriage and children were never the standard goal for the actress, she still has lived a full life.

Jenn has long talked about rejecting the story that tells woman are born to be somebody’s wife and mother. Instead, she’s focused her energy on living a happy life on her own terms. And, judging by her $240 million net worth and long list of famous ex-lovers, we’d say Jennifer Aniston is doing pretty good for herself!

The actress went through her second divorce only last year. However, very much in line with life philosophy, she still hasn’t giving up on love. “It’s not in her nature to give up or b negative,” a source said.

So who knows what other hunker Jennifer is going to date now that she’s moving into the fifth floor! In honor of her special day, here’s a look back at all of Jennifer Aniston’s famous exes. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind entering our 50’s single if we had dated as many heartthrobs as Jenn!


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