From Havana to the World: 10 Interesting Facts About Camila Cabello

You’ve caught yourself singing Havana, ooh na-na in the last week more times than you’d like to admit—even though the song came out nearly a year ago! So yes, it is time you get to know more about the Cubana behind the catchiest song of 2018.

Camila landed a spot on the much-coveted girl group Fifth Harmony. She then started her solo career. She brought the heat of the Havana to our every-day lives and toured the world with her now-bestie Taylor Swift. Not to mention she also became a fashion icon for her generation in the process.

And since its clear Cabello’s career is just going to keep getting brighter and brighter, it is no surprise that everyone is interest in known everything about the life of one of the leading Latinas in the industry. In honor of her 22nd birthday, here are 10 interesting facts about Camila Cabello.


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