Take Two: Deadh Shot and the 10 Best Recasts in TV and Film History

Idris Elba’s star power has been growing for years. And now seems like the perfect time to give the Sexiest Man Alive another comic book role in The Suicide Squad. According to reports, the actor will be taking over Will Smith’s Deadshot and that’s officially one of the best recasts in history.

While many naysayers are skeptical about the recast, we have no doubt a Floyd Lawton played by Elba would carry a very different, more hard-edged vibe than the version offered by his predecessor. Because there’s a reason why Elba played Shere Khan in Disney’s live-aciton Jungle Book while Smith was cast as the Genie in Aladdin.

But don’t feel bad for the Fresh Prince! Sometimes, even great actors and good performances aren’t perfect. And as long as there is room for improvement, you just know Hollywood will seek it.

Whether brought in for reboots or remakes or hired to fill a gap in a direct sequel, some of the best recasts in history have left us wonder why these actors weren’t just cast in the first place. From Idris Elba’s Deadshot to Olivia Colman’s Queen Elizabeth, click through our photo gallery above to learn the right way to go about replacing an actor.


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