Sorry Emma! 10 Reasons Why We Hate Hermione Granger

She’s smart, brave, and beautiful (hello! She’s played by Emma Watson). But for all of her positive notes, there are many reasons why we absolutely hate Hermione Granger.

This muggle-born witch is, for whatever reasons, one of the most beloved characters of the Harry Potter saga. However, she’s not a very amazing character to us. Know-it-all, full of herself, teacher’s pet, and even a bully more than once, Hermione is far from being an accurate representation of what a true Gryffindor really is.

So sorry, Emma Watson, but even though it is your birthday, we can’t help it but to bash on the character that kickstarted your career. Click through our photo gallery above to read all the very reasonable arguments why we hate Hermione Granger.


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