#TeamKingslayer: 8 Reasons Why We Love Jamie Lannister

He has intercourse with his sister. He shoved a 10-year-old off a tower. He’s the Kingslayer. And still, we can’t help it but love Jamie Lannister.

Despite being an incestuous, morally gray character, there are several key factors that changed Jamie from being someone we hate to someone we start to slowly root for. Sure, his whole redemption arc went out of the window—pun intended—when he decided to go back to Cersei and die by her side on the final season of Game of Thrones, but we’re choosing to look past that.

In honor of Nikolaj Coster’s 49th birthday, we bring you a list of 8 reasons why we love Jamie Lannister. It seems like his good deeds make up for his murder attempt on Bran.


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