More Than Mrs. Bieber: 10 Facts About Hailey Baldwin

Take a look at these 10 facts about Hailey Baldwin and see by yourself there’s much more to her than her new title as Mrs. Bieber.

Long before she became the ultimate One Less Lonely Girl, Hailey was already destined to become an icon. After all, she’s was born to one of the most famous dynasties in Hollywood—and her successful career certainly hasn’t betrayed her genes. However, fans have become increasingly obsessed with knowing all the can about the Canadian singer’s leading lady since the pair rekindled their love back in 2017. And it doesn’t take much to know this model/ aspiring makeup artist/ theater aficionado is much more than her newly-wed last name.

In honor of her 23rd birthday, here are 10 facts about Hailey Baldwin that prove she is a star in her own right. Click through our photo gallery above and learn everything there’s to know about Justin Bieber’s wife.


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