14 Adorable Red Carpet Moments to Mourn Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler’s Breakup

After nearly a freaking DECADE together, of course Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler’s breakup has taken the world by surprise.

As first reported by Us Weekly, “Vanessa and Austin are officially broken up, and Vanessa has been telling those close to her about their breakup.” And, we think is safe to say, love is officially dead.

Over the course of 9 years, since they first started dating back in 2011, they’ve been pretty quiet about their relationship—except for the plenty of photo of the two, mostly walking the red carpet together, always sharing their victories and showing their support for each other’s success.

At least we’ll always have those adorable snaps to remember them by. Am I right?

As we mourn Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler’s breakup, we look back at 14 of their best red carpet moments together. This couple sure was beautiful to look at!


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