More Than Miley’s BF: 10 Interesting Facts About Cody Simpson

He might be dating Miley freaking Cyrus. But there’s plenty of facts about Cody Simpson you still don’t know about.

The singer and her Australian beau (she’s got a type, huh?) went from 0 to 100 in the space of five seconds. And now that our Instagram feeds are literally flooded with their thirsty daily pics, understandably, we all want to know a little bit more about Cody Simpson.  We already know the basics (hot, Aussie, talented), but there so much we forgot about him.

Celebrating his 23rd birthday, here are 10 interesting facts about Cody Simpson. From his poetry, to his passion for the oceans, to his dating history (which, btw, is stacked with famous faces), it isn’t hard to see why Miley Cyrus is head over heels!


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