Monday, August 3, 2020
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35 celebs with pink hair

We would usually advise our friends to think twice before giving their hair the bubblegum treatment, but when the results are as awesome as...

35 rising stars under 30

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20 sexy same-sex celebrity couples

Take a look at these 20 amazing same-sex couples. Many of them have been proud voices in the fight for LGBT marriage equality.

10 pics of Taylor Swift’s 4th of July party

Pictures from Taylor Swift’s 4th of July weekend party have finally surfaced and they are more star-studded than the US flag itself. We reported on...

Taylor Swift squad gets more death threats

Taylor Swift and her friends have all been receiving disturbing death threats from the same online troll. Police are currently on the hunt for the...

Cara Delevigne ‘obsessed with death’ as a child

Cara Delevigne has revealed some dark secrets from her past and said she was “obsessed with blood and death” as a child. The 23-year-old supermodel...