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15 Popular Songs You Had No Idea Were Covers!

They say that the original is always better, but this rule doesn’t always apply when it comes to music. Maybe you didn’t know it, but some of the most iconic tracks of your favorite artists are not original songs. Yes,

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10 Essential Elvis Presley Songs 40 Years After His Death

40 years ago, the world lost its undisputed King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. A boy who was born in in Tupelo, Mississippi in very humble circumstances, but rose himself to revolutionized the music scene with his unique voice,

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Priscilla Presley Explains How Elvis Would Be Unlike Other Celebrities Today

In a new interview with News Corp, former Elvis wife Priscilla Presley says The King would have no interest in the internet or social media if he were alive today. “(Elvis) was a very private person,” she explains. “I definitely

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35 most stylish rock stars in history

Check out our list of the 35 rockers who are the most snappy dressers and generally just godlike style icons. Who would you put on top of this pile?

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Priscilla says being married to Elvis Presley was no piece of cake

Priscilla Presley says her marriage to Elvis Presley not an easy road, but she loved him after all. Presley, an actress and now 70 yrs, opened up about the late rock ‘n’ roll legend. Presley was just shy of 21 years old

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