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The content of each blog or site from JETSS -SITES & BLOGS platform is the sole and exclusive civil and criminal liability of the user who registers and publishes. As a condition to enjoy the features of JETSS – SITES & BLOGS, the user declares:


a) not use the JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform to broadcast / publish unlawful, defamatory, in violation of another’s privacy, or that is abusive, threatening, obscene, harmful, vulgar obscene, libelous, or otherwise objectionable;


b) does not transmit and / or disclose any material that violates third party rights including, but not limited to intellectual property rights of third parties;


c) does not transmit and / or disclose any pornographic, vulgar, racist or offensive containing child pornography, encourage or incite pedophilia;


d) does not offer by any means and forms products or services of any kind, own or of others, nor be part of multilevel marketing;


e) not to use such services to divulge / expose any viruses or files containing any type of virus (“Trojan Horses”) or that could cause damage to third parties;


f) does not practice any acts that violate any law, morals, good customs, intellectual property, the rights to honor, privacy, image, personal and family privacy;


g) comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of data from United States or territory where the user resides;


h) not obtain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to other systems or computer networks connected to JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform;


i) be solely responsible for the content and information that may provide the JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform;


j) does not transmit and / or disclose any libelous material, and / or insulting statements (which offend the dignity or decorum of someone) or defamatory (which impute someone actually offensive to his reputation);


l) does not collect or disclose personal data of users of JETSS services – SITES & BLOGS or third parties, whether participating or not;


m) not disclose banner advertising on JETSS – SITES & BLOGS;


n) not to intimidate, harass or practice bullying against third parties, users or not.


The authors of the sites or blogs  must not publish material protected by copyright, industrial property rights or publish photos or texts without permission of the owner or his representative. They should also not use photos without permission of the photographed or distribute sound files unauthorized persons or companies responsible for them.


The user declares to be responsible for its site or blog  content registered in JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform and is the legitimate owner of it’s moral and economic copyright content.


User expressly represents and warrants to JETSS that the vehicle content is not infringing any contractual or legal provision concerning the agreed obligations with any third parties and warrants that it has all rights to the content, including, for example, the names and / or devices used for the production of content, possessing right of publication and sale, and the user must assume any liability arising from the breach of the terms of this item, leaving the JETSS completely harmless and free from any kind of responsibility.


The user is responsible for the compliance with all applicable legal obligations relating to the production of content, including but not limited to non-infringement of copyrights of others, neighboring rights, rights of personality, including image rights, pursuant to Brazilian Law 9.610 / 98, as well as industrial property rights in accordance with Brazilian Law No. 9,279 / 96, including other international treaties and applicable law.


JETSS is not be responsible for any misuse of the image and voice of the user captured by others in views and / or reproductions that have taken place in accordance with the specifications set out herein.


JETSS is not responsible for the content of any blog and / or website, even when the posts appear on the home site. The content of blogs and / or websites are also not reviewed by JETSS.


JETSS may at any time and in its sole discretion, remove pages and / or blogs and / or websites that can be interpreted contrary to JETSS content rules – SITES & BLOGS or to existing legal norms.


All registered blogs and /or  validated sites accepted these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy within JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform. Existing content outside the established rules can lead users to report it via the contact from JETSS – SITES & BLOGS – or link on the blog or site contact’s JETSS bar within the JETSS – SITES & BLOGS. Each report will be submitted to evaluation of JETSS – SITES & BLOGS.


JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform is not responsible for the content, opinions, comments and links provided by the regulars of any of blogs and / or registered sites. The content is also published without the reviewed by JETSS – SITES & BLOGS staff. JETSS – SITES & BLOGS does not control and does not endorse the content transmitted, distributed or made available by the user in the use of resources now available.


Blogs and / or registered sites in JETSS – SITES & BLOGS platform should not contain content that includes the following items:


Sites that are pornographic content, online sales, racist or offensive;


Information about illegal activities and incitement to crime;


Pornographic or illegal activities including children under 18 (under Brazilian Article 241 of the Statute of Children and Adolescents);


Libelous content; Disparaging or defamatory statements; Pages and encrypted or password-protected files;


Programs and files that contain viruses or any other code that threatens files;


Programs or computer components to any user who will access the blog and / or website; information on software piracy.


The user assumes exclusively, without restriction or reservation all the burdens and responsibilities resulting from his actions and his conduct as JETSS user – SITES & BLOGS, responsible for the misuse of available resources, and in particular, though not exclusively, responsible for the acts, any damages that may arise from non-compliance of the obligations assumed.


In case of misuse of the JETSS – SITES & BLOGS, by the user, JETSS may prevent access, regardless of prior notification, without the user or third parties are entitled to any compensation or reimbursement.


You agree to immediately notify JETSS of any unauthorized use of your ID or any security breach of your knowledge.


JETSS reserves the right to modify the above rules at any time, in its sole discretion.


The use of JETSS – SITES & BLOGS can be prevented immediately and without cause by JETSS, whether judicial or extrajudicial notification, without that, by itself, arises for JETSS liens or indemnification obligation, compensation, reimbursement or payment in favor of the other Party, either capacity whatsoever. You expressly represent and warrant, for all legal purposes:


a) be 18 years or less authorized by parents or guardian;


b) Recognize that the present agreement is formalized, as appropriate, binding the parties, with the express acceptance by clicking the AGREE button that appears after the display of this contract; and


c) I have read and I am aware of and in full agreement with all terms and conditions of this agreement.


The parties elect the Central Court of the Judicial District of Rio de Janeiro as competent to resolve any controversy or dispute arising from this contract, to the exclusion of any other, however privileged.