Ariana Grande nails Celine Dion on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ (watch)


Singing 'Beauty and the Beast' sort of (Photo: YouTube)
Singing ‘Beauty and the Beast’ sort of (Photo: YouTube)

Ariana Grande is just too talented.  The 21-year-old who’s latest hit ‘Love Me Harder’ channeled Céline Dion beautifully as she and Jimmy Fallon sang a duet as part of the Canadian star and Peabo Bryson’s 1992 ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ from the soundtrack of Disney animated film. Grande even imitated the pop diva’s French-Canadian accent while speaking to the host and incorporated a passionately-performed hand gesture, similar to those Dion showcases at her concerts.

We’re quite sure Ms. Dion will be flattered!


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