Stars lip syncing again? YES, but this time for a new show ‘Lip Sync Battle’ (watch promo)

LL Cool J will host the new series 'Lip Sync Battle' on Spike TV (Photo: billboard)
LL Cool J will host the new series ‘Lip Sync Battle’ on Spike TV (Photo: billboard)

The new show ‘Lip Sync Battle’ will air on Spike TV will be hosted by rapper LL Cool J.

Prompted from the Jimmy Fallon show where he and other celebs, played well… lip syn battles.  The segment was so popular with audience members they’ve turned it into a  weekly show and they are some heavy hitters scheduled to join in the fun like Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and The Rock!

Check out Common in a crazy wig and John Legend in Hammer pants.  Did you say Hammer pants?


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