‘Funny or Die’ skit mocks ignorant ‘Same Sex/Religious’ Law in Indiana (video)

James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp mock Indian Law (Photo: FunnyorDie)
James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp mock Indiana Law (Photo: FunnyorDie)

You got it so, so, so wrong Gov. Pence!

James Van Der Beek and Anna Camp are the perfect home-shopping network hosts in this Funny or Die video that takes aim at Indiana’s law for “religious freedom.” 

The controversial measure signed by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence last week effectively legalized discrimination against same-sex couples by those who object on religious grounds. After a national backlash, Pence backtracked on his defense of it earlier this week, saying he wants the bill rewritten so it won’t permit discrimination against gays and lesbians.

In the skit Van Der Beek asks, “I mean, can you imagine a world in which a gay couple asks you to make a cake, and then you have to sit down and make it? What’s next? All of a sudden I’ll leave my wife Cindy and go shack up with Don in a post-modern in Palm Springs?”

There should be a law that denies rights to ignorant, heartless people Gov. Mike Pense.



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