Baer Grylls’ new show ‘The Island’ is INSANE (clip)

The 'British Adventurer' Baer Grylls (Photo: NBC/Courtesy)
The ‘British Adventurer’ Baer Grylls (Photo: NBC/Courtesy)

There are no prizes, eliminations or winners on ‘The Island’, a new reality show that sends 14 ordinary men to a deserted island to see if they can survive.

In an exclusive First Look clip, survival skills are put to the test as the men hunt for food and water and try to build shelter. One participant, a 28-year-old criminal defense attorney, admits his greatest survival skill is “Google.”

Another twist to the NBC show? No camera crews! The men are given cameras and asked to film the entire series themselves.

Host Bear Grylls says he wanted to see if men of today’s world could survive without everyday luxuries. Grylls says, The Island is “the ultimate Lord of the Flies.” And if you remember that movie, NOT going!

The Island premieres Memorial Day, May 25, at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

'The Island' will be filmed using only their "camera phones" (Photo: NBC/Courtesy)
‘The Island’ will be filmed using only their “camera phones” (Photo: NBC/Courtesy)


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