‘Food Babe’ Vani Hari almost breaks down when she tries to buy a taco… (watch)

'Food Babe' Founder Vani Hari (Photo: FoodBabe)
‘Food Babe’ Founder Vani Hari (Photo: FoodBabe)

When the news broke recently that ‘Taco Bell’was removing artificial ingredients by next year, headlines everywhere were proclaiming: “Taco Bell, Pizza Hut Nix Artificial Ingredients”… “Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Just Got a Little Bit Healthier”… “Taco Bell, Pizza Hut Ditching Artificial Colors and Flavors”.  

‘Food Babe’ Vani Hari was pretty excited at this news and ready to celebrate with so many companies changing their ingredients recently, from Panera Bread to Chipotle to General Mills, she thought this was a huge win. But Hari says…“I was wrong!”


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