Two CRAZY Kardashian confessions!

Okay so just when we thought the Kardashians cannot get any more outrageous, their grandma becomes a side chick and Khloé wants to raise Kim’s embryo as her own.

That’s right, in the latest sneak preview clips of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kris Jenner’s mom reveals that she went on a date with her boyfriend…and his wife!

Now, we’re not sure how old M.J. Shannon is, but Kris is 60. So that’s a little weird.

In another clip, Khloé reveals that Kim’s husband Kanye West promised her that she could “have” their embryo to raise as her own child.

Kim was clearly not aware of Kanye’s promise and told Khloé that her idea of raising their kids as one “wolf pack” was insane. Which it is.

Check it out!


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