China May Be In Love With Donald Trump’s Granddaughter Thanks To This Viral Video

  • 5 year-old Arabella performs in her Chinese New Year outfit. (Photo: Weibo)

  • A gushing Weibo post of the viral video. (Photo: Weibo)

  • Arabella with mommy Ivanka. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Arabella with Mom and Granddad. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Ivanka, husband Jared Kushner and Arabella Kushner. (Photo: Flickr)

  • Arabella appears to be peeking out of her family’s shadow. (Photo: Wikimedia)

  • Ivanka Trump. (Photo: Twitter)

  • Ivanka Trump. (Photo: Twitter)

5 year-old Arabella performs in her Chinese New Year outfit. (Photo: Weibo)

During his campaign, President Trump sneered about China’s misdeeds so often that NBC mocked him in a broken-record montage. But now, another video may be soothing relations between the 2 countries – thanks to 5 year-old Trump granddaughter Arabella Kushner.

In an adorable clip going viral in North America and Asia, Arabella expertly handles a marionette and sings delightfully in Chinese, in celebration of Chinese New Year which fell on January 28th.

Ivanka Trump posted the video on Instagram yesterday, wishing the world “an amazing year to come.” The post already has around one million views, and the clip is trending hot on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Listen carefully for Ivanka’s gasp after Arabella blows a kiss and takes a bow. Warning – cuteness overload.

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