Combine celebrities with winning money with celebrity themed online slots!

When it comes to the exciting world of celebrities we want everything we can get- whether it is the latest gossip, news about new releases, or photographs of them caught unawares, we want it all! You can imagine how happy we were when we discovered that there is now a new way to enjoy some of the most famous people in the world. What could we possibly be talking about? Read on to find out more!

As online gambling has become extremely cool again in recent years, it is no surprise that online slots have risen in popularity as well! Now you can also play celebrity themed slots, and some of the most popular online slots providers like All Slots Casino also offer movie and TV themed slots as well! How great is that! So what sort of celebrity slots are on offer? Here goes…

The Osbourne’s Slot

Forget the Kardashians, there is no doubt that The Osbourne’s hold the title for the most loved celebrity family. Join Ozzy and Sharon, their pets, and a few of their children in this superb Microgaming adaptation of their life! What a great combination- great family fun, a dash of celebrities, a sprinkling of Rockstar glamour and a lot of ways to win prizes!

I’m A Celebrity Slot

Unless you have been living under a rock, or in a cave for the last decade or so we are sure you have caught an episode of, or at least heard of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! The premise of the show is a bunch of celebrities deposited into the jungle and left to get on with it with often hilarious responses! The slot version of the game doesn’t quite transport you to an exotic location, but if you get a good payout, you could afford to take yourself!

Playboy Slot

If you are a follower of Hugh Hefner and his harem of beautiful women, then this is the slot for you! Themed around the Playboy brand, the mansion and everyone in it, the comprises of lots of beautiful women, characters from the TV show, and even better, it has a really high payout percentage and the ability for player to trigger a great bonus feature round with even higher payouts! Whilst Hugh and his most famous bunnies may have parted ways, you can relive the fun here!

X Factor Slot

Everyone loves X-Factor as it has spawned a new generation of talented singers and songwriters such as Ben Haenow. Offering a massive dose of entertainment with a smattering of Mr Simon Cowell, what is not to love? When you bring great jackpots into the matter, it gets even more exciting!

If you are looking for another way to enjoy your celebrity friends without stalking them through Los Angeles, then celebrity slots could be the perfect option for you!


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